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Embarking on a tour of the Innovation Montessori campus is a captivating journey into the heart of progressive education. As you step onto our campus, you'll immediately sense the vibrant and nurturing atmosphere that epitomizes the Montessori philosophy. Our sprawling grounds are thoughtfully designed to provide a stimulating yet harmonious environment that encourages exploration and learning at every turn.

During the tour, you'll have the opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulously prepared classrooms, each carefully designed to cater to the developmental needs and interests of the children. Our dedicated Montessori educators will guide you through the distinct areas of the campus, where you'll observe students engaged in self-directed activities using Montessori materials. These hands-on experiences are the bedrock of our educational approach, fostering independence, critical thinking, and a genuine passion for learning.

The tour will also offer insights into our unique educational programs and extracurricular activities that complement the Montessori curriculum. You'll gain a deeper understanding of our commitment to holistic development, embracing not only academic excellence but also the social, emotional, and physical growth of each child. Come and discover how the Innovation Montessori campus is a haven where children are empowered to explore, learn, and thrive in an atmosphere that nurtures their natural curiosity and sets the stage for a lifetime of success.

Tour's of our Primary and Elementary campus are offered most Wednesday's beginning promptly at 9:00 at our Main Campus located at 1610 North Lakewood Avenue. Tour space is limited so please use the link below to sign up.

Tours of our Seconday campus are offered select Tuesday mornings throughout the Spring beginning at 9:45 at our Secondary Campus located at 1475 East Silver Star Road. Tour space is limited so pleasse use the link below to sign up. 

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