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Our school was founded by a group of devoted and supportive parents from the beginning. You continue contributing to our school’s success with your gift of time. In the 23/24 school year, The Board of Directors and the PTO are also asking for you to consider a gift of financial support.

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  • Public charter schools operate with 29% less funding when capital outlay funding is included. 

  • 100% of our annual giving campaign will go to our school. IMO and IMHS do not participate in door-to-door sales.

Fill The Shelves - Fill The Minds

In Montessori philosophy, students are encouraged to pursue their personal interests.  In lower and upper elementary, IMO students do not have textbooks or personal computers.  The students would greatly benefit from a research library that consists of non-fiction books with an emphasis on countries, cultures, historical figures, and STEM.  In the current state, students are utilizing classroom collections.  For non-fiction, the current collections are dated and not comprehensive.  It is not a curated collection.  Please join us in raising funds for a non-fiction student research library to support our Montessori philosophy and curriculum.

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A Taste of Education

The IMHS' Culinary Program empowers adolescents with the essential life skill of basic cooking.  Students discover the joy of crafting delicious, homemade meals while gaining invaluable knowledge and the confidence to navigate the kitchen independently. 


The overwhelming interest in our initial offerings speaks volumes about the program's appeal, and we foresee the potential for expansion with additional sections in the future. Join us in supporting this Taste of Education by contributing to class equipment and the cost of materials and ingredients for each lab.


Your generosity will not only upgrade and expand the IMHS culinary program but will also contribute to benches for outdoor seating at IMHS.  Additionally, all donations will continue to enhance your student(s) Montessori experience.

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